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The beauty of a woman is as much from her glowing skin as much as from her hair to her fingernails. That is, your look does not seem complete until your nails look beautiful. So nowadays whenever girls are ready for a party, they pay great attention to the decoration of their nails. Applying nail polish to match the dress and decorating the nails with nail art is absolutely not forgotten. But it is very important to know that some mistakes done with the nails can cause great harm to them. Therefore it is quite necessary to take some care for it.Mistakes that can be applied on your nails

In this article, you will read about the day-to-day mistakes you have been making so far and are completely unaware of the extent to which these mistakes are affecting your nails.

Mistakes that can be apply on your nails

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Scrape your nails to remove nail polish

scrape your nails to remove nail polish

It is often seen that when you apply nail polish on your nails, try to scrape them to remove them after some time. Which is wrong with nails. Instead of scratching your nails, use a nail remover to remove the nail polish. By doing this you can avoid the loss of nails.

Using Harsh Acetone Based Nail Polish Remover

Using Harsh Acetone Based Nail Polish Remover

It is most inaccurate to use acetone-based nail polish remover on your nails if you do so. So this habit reduces the risk of dehydrating your nails and surrounding cuticles. In addition, white spots are also formed in the nails. Therefore, you should use nail polish remover without acetone.

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Non-base coat

Non-base coat

Base coats protect your nails from the harmful chemicals of dark nail polish. Using the base coat maintains the natural shine of the nails. It works to retain the moisture of the nails. Due to which pako nails remain strong for a long time.Mistakes that can be applied on your nails

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Tooth your nails and cuticles

Tooth your nails and cuticles

When small pointed cuticles start coming out around the nose, which causes a lot of pain with just a little touch, to get rid of this pain, we keep scratching them with teeth which is wrong. Instead, use cuticle oil to soften the dry cuticles. When the cuticles become slightly soft, push the cuticle backward twice a week.Mistakes that can be applied on your nails

In addition, cutting the nails with teeth also worsens the shape along with their texture. And if you swallow any portion of teeth from the mistake, it can also be dangerous for your health.

Filing in your nails

Filing in your nails

Due to over-filing to give shape to the nails, they begin to crack, which causes them to break. Instead, you shape the file using only one direction. Try not to peel more.Mistakes that can be applied on your nails

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