How to prepare Tiffin for children

If you are preparing children’s tiffin, then keep these things in mind …

If you are preparing children’s tiffin, then keep these things in mind:

1. First of all, take a tiffin box that the child can open and close easily.

2. While preparing tiffin boxes, keep in mind the nutritiousness of the child, such as do not give too much fried food or else the child feels like drinking water again and again. Offer food cooked at home. Nutritious lunch options like Dhokla, Besan ka Chila, Dal Parantha, Peanut Masala, Oats Masala, Idli Fry Oats, Moongadal Sprouts etc. Not only will the child get protein from these, the taste will also be different.

3. While packing tiffin boxes, keep spoon and paper napkin so that the child can wipe his hands after eating.

4. Cut bread, paratha so that the child can eat easily.

5 .. If you are keeping fruits in baby’s tiffin, then keep it cut. If you are keeping dry fruits then fry them or fry them and keep them moist. If the child likes sweet, then you can keep the ladoo in pieces and mix it in jaggery syrup and make laddus.

6. The biggest thing is to give food items according to the season like sesame, jaggery, vegetables etc. This will keep their taste and the child’s interest in eating will also increase.

7. If lemon juice cannot be added to the poha, then ask the child to cut the lemon so that the poha can be eaten by squeezing the lemon in the upma. Remove lemon seeds.

8. After closing the lunch boxes, keep them in polythene so that if the lid is opened by mistake, the vegetables etc. do not fall on the books.

9. Tiffins are keeping the brads in the box, so keep them fresh, the old braid can cause harm to the child. If you are making sandwiches then cut it in triangular shape and keep the sauce separately so that it tastes good. There are many ways in which braids can be made.

10. If rice is keeping biryani, then garnish it well. If there are nuts in the house, then put them on the rice. Would love to eat more.

11. Keep testing the dry fruits. It is possible that things have gone bad in the night. Take special care of this thing during the summer season.

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