Indian Wedding Makeup Looks for Brides & Bridesmaids

Indian weddings are a big deal. Everyone wants to look their best at every wedding event. Makeup plays an important role in improving your appearance. Today many makeup options are available to you.But the question arises of which suit you, which will be appropriate for the occasion, how much time will be consumed, would it go well with the outfit chosen for the day? All these questions can be answered by looking at all the options and then thinking about each question. Try looking for the makeup look you’ll feel safe in, the one you can easily wear. Every makeup look has its pros and cons.Some are heavy, others are light. If you haven’t found the perfect look for the day yet, we’re here to rescue you. We bring you some of the best Indian wedding makeup looks to try this wedding season. These Indian wedding makeup looks were proven to go well with the Indian looks put on by people throughout these years. These new and modern looks are new and will surely look great on you. Simply find the right fit for your outfit and your atmosphere to get going for the wedding season. Let’s go on a tour of these pylptel stylist makeup looks.

1. Heavy eye makeup look

This beautiful makeup look is a sure winner. You can choose this makeup look for both red and green based wedding dresses. It will complement them both. Start preparing your skin before D-Day for best results. On your wedding day prepare your skin with a moisturizing gel, primer and base. Bake everything well to avoid makeup wrinkles. Contour with a darker base and blend. Now start with eye makeup. The fold divided double eye makeup shadow looks great. Add a dark lip color to the optimal result.

2. Glittery eye  makeup look

This appearance requires a lot of preparation of the skin due to the presence of shine. Check in advance if you are allergic to glitter. On your wedding day prepare your skin with a moisturizing mask or gel. Now start with a primer, base and outline. Add a pink shimery blush. Start with your eye makeup. Mix the blue eye shadow all over your eyelid. Now fold your eye with a golden eye shadow. Add a shade of red to your lips. You can choose a messy bun look with this makeup look.

3. Dewy Wedding makeup look

This cool and wet makeup look is the best choice for young brides. Prepare your skin well. For eye makeup, choose a light pink shade of eye shadow. Give a thin winged lining and mix it up at the end. Add a light color blush. Complete with a red lip color and a red bindi.

4. Ombre eyes  makeup look

This ombre eye makeup look will surely make you look mature. Start with preparing your face with primer, base and cooking techniques. Outline your face for the right highlights. Start with your eye makeup using an orange eye shadow. Mix it with purple eyeshadow while moving out or you can even use the folding method. Finish with the liner. false eyelashes and mascara. Apply bright orange lip color. Apply a slight blush on the cheeks. Combine the look with a medium-sized bindi and a voluminous and neat bun.

5. Heavy and bright look for Indian Wedding

This heavy and bright wedding makeup look is everyone’s favorite in town. You can start preparing your skin with a moisturizing gel. Apply primer, base, and use translucent powder to bake. Use contour lines correctly. Start Eye makeup with a light shade of eyeshadow, mixing it with a darker shade when you reach the end. Apply false eyelashes. Finish the eye makeup with a eyeliner and mascara. Apply a dark lip color and a slight blush. Teem up with highly defined hairstyle.

6.  Elegant and Adorable makeup look

This makeup look is surely elegant and adorable. Prepare your skin well before D-Day. on wedding day prepare it with a moisturizing gel, primer, foundation and proper baking techniques. Use the contour well. Make your eyebrows because the focus of this look is on the eyes. Now it starts with an orange eye shadow. Add blue eyeshadow at the ends. Complete eye makeup with a thin lining and false eyelashes. Apply rusty orange lip color to your eyes. Combine it with a heavy bow adorned with a gajra.

7. Unique Indian Wedding makeup look

This is a unique wedding makeup look. You can try this bold makeup look at your wedding. Start by preparing your skin for all makeup. Start with a moisturizing gel, primer base, baking, start with eye makeup because that’s the most intricate part of this look. First, get a pink eye shadow on the eyelid, now use a thin brush to divide into the fold. Use a white eye shadow for this. Now complete the look with blue eyeshadow and a sharp eyeliner. Add false eyelashes and a bright lip color.

8. Canary eye tips for Indian Wedding

This is a beautiful bright wedding makeup look. You can start by preparing your face with a moisturizing gel, primer and base. Now outline your face with a darker base. Now start with eye makeup. The eye makeup in appearance consists of a pink eye shadow and the inner part of the eye is illuminated with canary yellow eye shadow. Choose a bright shade of red for the color of the lips. Teem up with dazzling jewelry.

9. Golden hue makeup look

This bright makeup look is suitable for a wedding. The makeup appearance begins with the preparation of the face for all makeup. Primer and base should be used for preparation. Outline and highlight your face. Apply contrasting eyeshadows and mix together. Add false eyelashes and a sharp winged eyeliner. For lip color, choose a bright orange or pink color. Now spray the makeup setter. Combine this wedding makeup look with dark-colored lehenga for the best results.

10. The purple magic

This is a very unique wedding look for don. You can wear this beautiful makeup look for a wedding or social gatherings. The makeup look begins with the preparation of your skin. Eye makeup consists of a sharp eyeliner and purple eye shadow. The look is well complemented by a high-rise detailed bun that is embellished with bright motifs or clips.

11. Traditional Bridal makeup look

This traditional makeup look with smoky eyes effect and heavy eyeshadow. The bright red color of the lips goes well with the bright atmosphere of the wedding season. you can surely go to this makeup look if you are newly married or love to wear bright red. it is even suitable for the bride. This wedding makeup look will look great with the bride’s bright red lehenga. You can lift your hair in a high bun with gajra.
We hope you enjoyed all these beautiful makeup looks. We look forward to seeing you seen putting on some of these lovely makeup looks soon. Have a great wedding season. Check out other related articles about K4 fashion. Give us your valuable feedback in the comments section below. We’ll bring more items so useful soon.

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