Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs For Kids

When it comes to wedding, be sure to combine outfits with cute accessories and stylish shoes. So why get away with simple chakras and flowers in your pretty hands and feet? We bring you the latest elegant designs of mehndi Arabic for children that you should try in the next wedding season for your little tots. Also, let them choose their favorite design. Who knows they could add their creativity and innovate the magnificent design! Mehndi is an ancient work of art that has resisted artistic evolution over the centuries. It includes intricate designs that are evidence of henna’s artist’s precision. His style can renew the basic flowers to mehndi aesthetics. They are able to draw magic even in the smallest hands.

1. Birds In The Garden

A flower plant with beautiful birds floating around it. It contains two tulips on a stem with shaded leaves. The tulip design is quite unique along with the cheerful birds around. This design is as innocent as a child. It is only done to adorn the hands of his little girl lil.

2. Intricate Back Hand Mehndi

Who said children can’t apply mehndi? Just look how beautiful it is! This intricate pattern includes the traditional Arabic flower bel and mandala. These mehndi designs of children’s back hand are too adorable. Look at those finger designs, aren’t they cute?

3. Dream Catcher Mehndi Design

Kids love dreamcatchers! This is a basic design of feathered dream catchers for children. It can be innovated by adding starts and Moon or your favorite toys to mehndi dream catcher design for kids.

4. Shaded ‘Bel’ Mehndi Design For Girls

Flowers are the most basic element of Mehndi Arab design. And this is a fantastic flower, it is a great mehndi design of shaded and bold flowers that your child will love. Keeping all the attention to the flower, it has a minimal design around it. The vine leaves just add to the beauty of the flower.

5. Stylish Arabic Mehndi For Back Hand

This design has another main element , the paisley. The floral motifs surrounded by strategically placed Points give a boho atmosphere. A different and elegant design that you must try in your child’s hand. Why not DIY such a simple design of your lil’s hand? See simple Arabic Mehndi Tutorial for more details and designs.

6. Glitter Mehndi Design 

Kids love all things BLING! Why not add glitter to a simple design and make it look more alluring? This beautiful bird design includes tiny flower motifs for the backhand mehndi. The shimmer added to the design makes it all dreamy. Let your kids flaunt this glittery henna and stand out at wedding parties.

7. Beautiful Back Hand Mehndi

This delightful design includes almost all the main elements of Arabic mehndi design. A gorgeous shaded flower followed by spiral motifs and dotted chains. It is an exquisite mehndi design for kids.

8. Stylish Arabic Floral Henna Design

What a modern twist to traditional floral and leaf motifs! The design includes grand motifs that are shaded to perfection. The two henna patterns are artistically connected by dotted chain. A simple yet ravishing design fit for Indian weddings.

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