These 8 Easy Tips For You – Tips for Naturally Beautiful Nails

For the hands to look beautiful, it is important to have healthy and strong nails. If the nails are yellow, broken or cracked, however hard you try on your hands, they will never look beautiful. But does the fondness of long nails often make you depressed? Because your nails are not healthy! don’t worry! You don’t have to try hard for this. You can get beautiful nails by making small changes in the routine.These 8 Easy Tips For You – Tips for Naturally Beautiful Nails

1.Manicure and Pedicure

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You must have done this And if you were not serious about it yet, then now. Because manicure and pedicure not only clean your nails but nails are also healthy.

Tips for Naturally Beautiful Nails



Time-to-time hand massage is very important to maintain their health and shine. Do massage twice a week. Use moisturizer cream for this. This massage of just five minutes will make the blood circulation in your nails bright and make them shine.

3.Quality Product Use


Nail paint is better if you apply only good brands rather than local. Do not use the same nail polish for a long time. It would be better if you also use branded nail paint remover. Nowadays low price nail paints of good brands are also in the market.

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4. Effect of food and drink

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It is very important to take care of eating and drinking for beautiful nails. Use calcium, zinc, iron-rich foods. Include milk, fruits, green leafy vegetables, poultry, fish, dry fruits. They provide nourishment to the nails. Eat carrots as much as possible in winter. This enhances the pink color of the nails.

5. cutting and shaping

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Do not cut the nails with a blade or scissors to prevent the nails from appearing pink and shiny. Always use nail cutter and filer only. Nails should never be cut through the mouth, this spreads the infection. Avoid using fake nails to make hands beautiful. They are prone to fungal infection, which can weaken the nails.


6. Control alcohol and sweeteners


According to doctors, eating too sweet and consuming too much alcohol also weakens the nails. So control them as much as you can.

7. Allow the nails to breathe


Once a week, remove the nail paint and keep the nails free for some time. The excessive use of nail-paint is also not good for the health of nails. Applying capsules of vitamin E on the nails keeps them soft.These 8 Easy Tips For You – Tips for Naturally Beautiful Nails

8. Do not let paleness


Lack of calcium in the body is one of the many reasons why the nails turn yellow. For this, it is necessary to drink two glasses of milk daily. If you do not like to drink milk, add yogurt, buttermilk, cheese to the daily diet.

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